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    The Nature and Biology of Connective Tissue

    • Understanding Connective Tissue: A Paradigm Shift

    • Connective Tissue: Cellular Biology Concepts

    • Connective Tissue in Relation to the Musculoskeletal System

    • Bony Structures and the Connective Tissue Network

    • Summary of Connective Tissue Biology

    • Connective Tissue Biology Quiz

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    The Adaptive and Protective Nature of Connective Tissues

    • The Role of Gravity

    • Tensegrity: Foundational Concepts

    • Tensigrity Forces in Injuries

    • Beyond Injury: Connective Tissue Responses to Daily Life

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    Connective Tissue and Manual Therapies

    • Overview and History of Fascial Manipulative Therapies

    • Application of Fascial Therapies to Horses

    • The Adaptive and Protective Nature of Connective Tissue Quiz

    • Student Reflections on Fascial Therapy Essay

    • Theory of Equine Fascial Integration Therapy Workbook

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